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Our Story and Phylosphy


Capturing the essence of Nordic inspiration – defined by its commitment to simplicity, minimalism, and high quality.

Nördilum, an exquisite premium skincare brand, hailing from the heart of the Baltic, embodies the essence of Northern Europe. Designed in Estonia and meticulously manufactured in Latvia, our journey is rooted in the region's timeless traditions and cutting-edge innovation.

At Nördilum, science is our guiding star. Our commitment to creating high-quality products with a natural ingredient list is unwavering. We take no shortcuts in the meticulous development of each formulation, ensuring that every product meets our stringent standards.

With Nördilum, you experience the purity of Northern Europe's pristine landscapes and the sophistication of its scientific excellence – a union that defines our premium skincare collection. Immerse yourself in the embodiment of elegance, born and nurtured in the Nordic and Baltic realms.


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our production facility is powered exclusively by 100% green electricity, boasting a low CO2 emission rate of just 146 tons per year as of 2020. We take pride in maintaining an equal gender pay ratio and annually contribute a portion of our profits to support the community.

Natural Ingredients

We source 95% of our plant-based ingredients, including plant oils, extracts, waxes, butters, and floral waters, from organic farming, all certified for your peace of mind.

Sustainable Packaging

Every product in our catalog is packaged in recyclable materials. Furthermore, 88% of the cardboard used for transportation is crafted from recycled materials, emphasizing our dedication to a greener future.


  • Our headquarter is located in Estonia, Northern Europe
  • Our laboratory and production is located in Latvia, Northern Europe


We take pride in our use of top-of-the-line mixing equipment from Germany and Switzerland to create the luxurious textures that define our products. These advanced machines guarantee precision and excellence in every aspect of production.


All products correspond to EC Regulation No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products


ISO 22716:2007 COSMOS